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Charter for ALFA

To act as a Global resource hub for information on the world wide consumer market for leather and leather based products like foot wear, travel ware, party ware etc. and non-leather supplements to leather.
To disseminate information on products and technology among technologists, artisans, designers and retailers through an IT enabled mode.
To act as a beacon for budding technologists, artisans and designers towards guiding them to successful career in their chosen field of activity.
To address societal issues like safe environment, animal care , safety at work and safe & proper disposal of used leather products & non-leather foot wear.
To act as an extended arm of the ALMA MATER (viz. A.C.Tech., C.L.R.I., Anna University) in propagating the developments & achievements to the stake holders , government & society.

To serve as a nodal agency to take care of the interests of leather technologists in all issues that they look to the body ALFA and to perpetuate the glory of technology and technologist, and that of the ALMA MATER to the Global consumer and thereby remain an immortal body of the leather world.

Technical Suggestions on Finished Learther Norms

A meeting was held recently at CLRI on need for revising the Finished Leather Norms. During the discussions held alongside the members from AISHTMA, CLE etc, the President ALFA was requested to provide the views of ALFA on the norms primarily on technical aspects. Accordingly the President ALFA invites the members to provide their inputs to the norms on the following issues.
  1. The definition of finished leather
  2. Various issues relating to assessment of finished leather
Members can forward their views to the Secretary ALFA by email at
Only such views, which are specifically on technical issues, will be entertained. The email must contain the name and addresses of the proposing member. The last date for providing inputs will be 10 April 2006. Subsequent to this, the President ALFA would organize a discussion meeting amongst such members whose suggestions have been received, in order to bring out a broad consensus amongst the alumnus.

Life Membership Norms

The EC ALFA considered the option of having the current lifetime membership fee revised. The members joining with the current fee of Rs 100 would have a term of 5/10 years and subsequently progress to a lifetime membership by payment of Rs 1000/-. This would then enhance the corpus of the ALFA considerably.
EC also decided to deliberate on this matter with a larger section of the members prior to its submission to the GB. Suggestions on this issue are invited from amongst the members, so as to enable the EC to opt for a most favored path.

ALFA Cards

ALFA would be allocating membership number to all its members. The number would carry the serial number starting 1945 followed by two digits which refers to the year of passing the qualifying examination for membership to ALFA (B.Tech/M.Tech/MS etc). Members are requested to view their details currently available online at and revert to the Secretary ALFA in case of corrections (along with documentary proof wherever necessary). Members are also requested to provide the ALFA with a recent stamp size photograph (Mailing address: Dr KJ Sreeram, Scientist, Chemical Laboratory, CLRI, Adyar, Chennai 600020). Members would be provided with an ALFA card in due course.

Elections to EC ALFA

ALFA elections for 2006-2008 would be held during the AGB scheduled for 23-25 April 2006 (if a quorum required for the same is available). Nominations for the same can be forwarded to the Secretary ALFA on or before 10 April 2006 by email. In the absence of a quorum, the elections would be held during the Special Get-together scheduled for February 2007. The elections are being held for the following posts.