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Opportunity at PICARD, Bangladesh

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Opportunity at IMPACTIVA                             IMPACTIVA Profile

Profile for a R & D Engineer

Experience - Minimum 7 years experience as a Process Control and or Quality Assurance Engineer in footwear industry

Education - University Degree in Footwear Technology or Bachelors of engineering

Skills & Job Competencies
-Designing of world-class processes and procedures
- Designing of information systems is a plus
- Designing of world-class Technical Manuals is a plus
- Very, very good written and spoken English
- Must be a perfectionist (the commas and periods are important to him/her)
- Self-discipline / Self-motivated (i.e. can work under little supervision)
- Enthusiastic / Energetic / Hard worker
- Excellent computer skills: outlook, word and especially excel
- International travel experience is a plus

Job description Responsible for the maintenance and development of all Processes & Procedures in the Company (including back office systems, production systems, internal QA systems, information systems)

Remuneration - Fixed Consulting Fee based on the experience of the candidate - Variable Personal Incentive (up to 20% of the Fixed Consulting Fee based on performance review every semester Jan-Jun or Jul-Dec using 10 clearly defined-measurable criteria) after completing the first full semester of service in the Company - Annual Fixed Consulting Fee increases every January 1st - Standard Impactiva Benefits package (i.e. 10 days annual vacation, hospital-death-disability insurance)

Working Conditions - Hours: Monday to Friday (minimum 8 work hours per day) and Saturday until mid-day - Location: Chennai Impactiva office - Reporting to: R & D Leader - Commitment: 3.5 year contract / 2 year non-compete and confidentiality contract

Probationary Period - Three months

Opportunity at IMPACTIVA

Profile of a Leather Technician

Experience -Minimum of 5 years in the industry, B.Tech, Min 3yrs

Location - China / Taiwan

Education- Formal education in leather technology (high school diploma, bachelors or masters degree)

Skills & Job Competencies
-Honesty and ethics beyond question
-Self-motivated and ability to be self-led as will mostly work without supervision
-Self-confidence to work and live abroad for a minimum of 3 years
-Self-confidence to withstand pressures from nervous suppliers
-Good spoken English
-Ability to communicate effectively
-Knowledge of PC (windows, outlook, excel) is a plus

Job description
Will be responsible for material, in-process and final shipment quality    control(According to Impactiva’s Inspection Manual (+80 pages))
- Must be capable of learning and executing on a day-to-day basis very rigorous    processes and procedures
- Will be responsible for generating his/her own inspection reports using a laptop
- Will be responsible for maintaining a good working relationship with all customer    and shoe factory personnel (including top mgmt and the owners) and fellow    Team Members

-    41 months contract   
-    90 day probation period