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ALFA Orator Lecture Award-2006


 The AC Tech Leather & Footwear Alumni Association has resolved to present an ALFA Orator Award to honor personalities who have contributed immensely to the cause of leather as a special feature of the annual general body meeting program.

Shri Mohan M Sreenivas

has acquired respect and admiration as an outstanding personality in the leather industry. His major contributions in the areas of leather garment production & marketing and development of Indian leather industry have enabled our country attain a position of global eminence in leather sector.

He has delivered the 2006 ALFA Lecture in a manner befitting the cause for which ALFA stands.

The AC Tech Leather & Footwear Alumni Association wishes to express its sincere appreciation for his valuable and stimulating contributions for the leather industry and also in making ALFA vibrant.


NR Jagannathan, President

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